InterClub Print Competition 2013

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7 Responses to InterClub Print Competition 2013

  1. Lawrence Way says:

    Thanks to the SPA officers for a well organised and enjoyable afternoon. I agree with David Hughes that more results should be given – it is a bit odd to come away not really sure how we have done.
    I would like full results to be given on the afternoon.

  2. John says:

    There were issues with the nature entries titles should be a description of the animal/ flower and not titles as per the open competition.
    The amazing extreme macro images of flies could not have been taken in a natural environment and as such should have been rejected by the judges.

  3. David Hughes says:

    It takes a lot to organise and run an event like this and with the exception of the odd problem with the images I thought it ran fairly smoothly, my thanks to those involved.

    My one hopefully helpful criticism is to do with the announcement of the result of the two main competitions. As everyone has waited all afternoon I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering some of the other results after the winner has been announced, for example who came second and third and how close the marks were. Individual clubs will probably know their own totals but not those of other clubs. Can I suggest that we give the results of the last three clubs in reverse order? That would be interesting but also potentially nail-biting for the clubs close to the tops marks.


  4. Len Deeley says:

    It was a pleasant day and an opportunity to catch up with friends from the SPA clubs. I have no problem with the format. Yes there are different judging formats and whichever one you choose some will find fault. We take it in the fun way it is intended, although we are competitive, and accept the rules as they are laid down.

    I am sure the images selected by clubs are from those that have done well for the most part in internal competitions and at this level should not need a long and detailed analysis. That is for the club level.

    It was good that, where they thought it necessary, the judges were able to call up the images to the desk and take a closer look under a light.

    Yes some might say that Godalming are bound to be pleased with the format as we took both top awards. However, we have not complained when we have been down in the results table and we are likely to be up against much greater competition at Connah’s Quay next week when we represent SPA. However, you will not hear us complain when the same format for judging is used.

    Well done SPA members who put so much effort into a successful day and don’t worry too much about negative comments. You will never please all the people all the time


  5. David Multon says:

    Why do prints of flowers in the nature section get low marks and not when they are shown in the open section?
    Too many pics yesterday had too high a mark and too many had a low mark!
    Overall I thought the standard was not as high as it should have been. I suspect many clubs have members who are not particularly competitive and have little interest in whether their club enters SPA events or not, i.e. competitions.This culture needs to be developed so that their is some ambition among the membership. We need to think more about this.

  6. Neil Henry says:

    Somewhat disappointing in that the reasons for the marking cannot be given with this format of judging. As a non-competing watcher, the experience would have been enhanced by knowing why a particular image was marked up or down. In the Open Competition, the marking regime appeared to lack consistency and there was little opportunity for closer examination of the prints. I accept that the each of the panel of judges had to make a spot decision after only a few seconds of viewing each image. Perhaps a drastic reduction in the number of entries from each participating club would help to alleviate this problem.
    In the Nature Competition, I would have liked some further clarity on what the judges were looking for (and marking against) – since the image of ‘bird on a stick’ used to be more acceptable if it was ‘doing something’. Again, there appeared to be a lack of consistency and no opportunity to examine the prints to make one’s own judgement.

    • Don Morley says:

      Sorry but I must disagree. I thought Saturday’s event was superb, and as some of the assembled pictures will also be chosen to go forward to other competitions it was far more important in this days context to see more pictures than it would have to heard more of the reasons behind the judges varying decisions.

      This would have slowed things up, or resulted as you suggest in the rest of us seeing far fewer pictures and possibly missing out on such as future PAGB competition entries, whereas in fact every picture you saw on Saturday must previously have already been been deliberated about by other judges at Club level prior to going forward to this Inter Club Competition.

      You also say you had no opportunity to inspect the prints more closely so as to be able to make your own judgement, whereas in fact every medium to high scoring print was put up on the display racks as the competition progressed exactly for that for that purpose! Certainly I had ample time to inspect them all so where were you?

      As to the rules of entry in the nature class? Well perhaps I would have to agree several of the ‘Nature or Natural History’ type pictures seemed not to fit normally accepted rules, but beyond making this concession I must still greatly applaud all of the numerous unpaid SPA club members who certainly in my view gave the rest of us a truly super afternoon. Thank you all.

      Don Morley (SPA Judge and Reigate Photographic Society member)

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