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One Response to Using Viewpoint

  1. banjoman says:

    Five members of Epsom Camera Club attended the PDI competition. We all felt that the choice of venue was good and that the organisation was generally very good, apart from the unfortunate delay at the end of the second part of the judging. This did highlight the importance of testing when working with software applications.
    Several of us did feel that the format was more suited to experienced judges than a general audience, and were experiencing image overload towards the end of the afternoon. Five to ten seconds at most is not really enough time to appreciate an image and it is hard to recall any images apart from those pulled out at the end. Options to consider are fewer images, or extending the overall time allowed with more sessions and breaks. It is a very passive event for the audience in the current format.
    We did feel that there was a bias in favour of nature images and suggest that these could be judged as nature rather than pictorial.
    It would be interesting to call out the clubs name at the same time as the marks.
    Our club do not see how the Interclub Challenge Ladder can work. We plan our programme 18 months in advance and responding to a challenge in a short timescale would be difficult. We would also not be interested in non-photographic challenges. Because of the large number of clubs involved it would take a very long time to meet up with other clubs and get a stable ladder. We already take part in a number of interclub competitions which gives us an opportunity to meet members from other clubs on a social basis.

    Martin Gandy, Vice Chairman, Epsom Camera Club

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