AGM and Individual Entry Competition 9 November 2013

Total attendance a disappointing (in admins view) 76 including committee, organisers/helpers and entrants.

46 entrants in competitions from 18 clubs – approx 240 images.

Did you attend? Feedback welcomed.

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InterClub Print Competition 2013

Please post your feedback on this event here.

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At present, the SPA communicates information to member clubs through several different routes.
1. Direct emails to SPA Club Secretaries and Club Representatives
2. SPACLUBS email list – Currently around 240 individual members.This list allows any member to send a message to the list. The SPACLUBS email list is difficult to administer and many people find difficulty with the subscribing process leading to many demands on the moderator. It has existed since late 2001 and only 1520 messages have been sent – approx 120/year. Although some clubs use this list to advertise events to all clubs, the vast majority do not do so. We also have to block many messages inadvertently sent to the list by people just hitting the reply button!
3. SPA Website – Our primary online presence. Individuals can interact through this Viewpoint section but relies on individuals visiting the site on the web.
4. SPA Facebook Group – any member can interact but must have a Facebook account.The SPA Facebook Group is a fairly recent innovation but already has around 130 members. It is easy for any Facebook users to join and offers excellent facilities for sharing information and images. It is likely that most, if not all our clubs will have members who are Facebook users and could communicate within their clubs. There is also an associated SPA Exchange Group for sales and wanted ads.
5. The new SPA email Newsletter – Introduced on 13/10/13 and 100 individual subscribers from about 35 clubs at 18/10/13. Easy sign up process and delivered directly by email. One way communication but easy to administer.

Administering all these different communications routes is quite a burden and we would like to make our lives a little easier whilst providing effective communication with clubs and their members.

We have, therefore, as a first step, decided to discontinue the SPACLUBS email list at the end of this year and concentrate our efforts on the other routes mentioned above.

Any comments will be carefully considered.

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APM Awards Workshop 18th May

Some 40 people attended the workshop in Crawley today and witnessed a wide variety of work indicative of the standards required for the various awards.

Attendees were also able to spend time with each  of several PAGB assessors discussing their own images and their suitability for entering for an award.

Please let us know your views on the day and how useful you found it.

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SPA InterClub PDI Championship 2013

26 clubs entered the Open Class (520 images) and 20 the Nature Class (200 images). Around 100 people attended, not as many as last year but still a comparatively good turnout.  Constructive reviews and comments welcome!
Full Results: HERE

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